Welcome Veterans to the UVC

Veterans & Friends,  Attend the August 23 UVC General Session at 9:30 -11:30 am in the Veterans Museum, 2115 Park Blvd, San Diego.                                                           Future 4th Saturday General Sessions 9:30-11:30 :   SEP 27   OCT 25   NOV 22 

The United Veterans Council of San Diego County, “Voice of Our Veterans”, is an alliance of Veterans and over 200 organizations that are either Congressionally Chartered Veterans Service Organizations or providers of services and support to Veterans.

The UVC is a forum for sharing information and raising ideas that can lead to the betterment of the Veteran community, and is a unified Veterans’ Voice of Advocacy on legislation, policies, and practices affecting San Diego County Veterans and their families.  UVC is open and inclusive, and its Members and Member Organizations enjoy the opportunity to share the works and rewards of the UVC, without obligation to accept any formal responsibility or allegiance.

Monthly General Session meetings are open to everyone with interest in helping Veterans and their families, including Veterans, elected officials, media and press, and the public, and are held at the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center, 2115 Park Blvd, San Diego, parking entrance at ‘Presidents Way’ and ‘Park Blvd’.

UVC Membership Requests and Contributions Are Welcome!                                      Contact requests and inquiries may be sent to UVCNews@gmail.com                                   <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>


The Veterans Museum & Memorial Center (VMMC) is a service and tribute to all Veterans and is especially valued by UVC Members and Partners for providing a venue for monthly General Sessions, and for partnering to publish news and vital information to Veterans, sponsoring the Veteran of the Year program, among other numerous services and strengths.   A unique asset to the Veterans community in San Diego County that needs our support to stay vibrant and relevant!  Visit the VMMC website today AND while there explore the Membership opportunity and please Join Soon!      www.veteranmuseum.org


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